Costume Designer Ruth Carter and H&M Are Dropping a Fashion Collection Inspired by the Black Experience of the 80s and 90s

As a treat for Black History Month, we just received news that Academy Award-winning costume designer Ruth Carter will be collaborating with fashion retailer H&M for a new collection. Now for those who aren’t familiar with Ruth Carter and her greatness, she has designed the looks for many cinematic works including Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X, Love & Basketball, and Black Panther to name a few (the list goes on). Essentially, she is an icon. Well, now we get to see her creative juices flow freely with her upcoming collection with H&M.

Ruth recently shared a campaign video on Instagram which was based on mock podcast called “And That’s The Truth, Ruth” which featured she and Jay Versace discussing the essence of the upcoming collection. Ruth tells Jay that the collection is about unity and tells a story about her experiences growing up in 80s and 90s when Afrocentricism was on the rise. The growing interest in Afrocentricism was clearly evident in Black fashion during the time with use of color-blocking techniques, vibrant patterns, bold colors like red and green. For Black people, these styles were used as a form of expression and told a story about our history. Ruth’s intentions with her collection was to provide a collection for those who wanted to express themselves freely and creatively. As you will see in the messages throughout the collection, she encourages the wearers to speak their truth and own it.

The collection launches on Thursday, February 13th online and at select US stores. You can preview the collection now here.

Credits for campaign:

Talent | @therealruthercarter 
Talent | @jayversace 
Creative & Production | @equatorproductions
Director | @anthonyprinceleslie 
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