Why So Phresh: Amarachi Brings Neon Magic and Sporty Luxe to Its Latest Handbag

Happy Friday! For this week, we are shining a spotlight on a dope handbag made by a brand we stan called Amarachi. We featured Amarachi as one jewelry brand that makes jewelry for dope women and we have also posted their products on several occasions for our Instagram feed. Now, we are continuing our stanning with their latest drop: the Neon Attraction Bag.

As apart of its Neon Attraction collection, Amarachi’s Neon Attraction Bag is a transparent box bag that draws cues from its Sporty Luxe earrings with the mashed Louis Vuitton and Swoosh logo. The bag is complete with a clean and neon chainlink handle along with hand-painted flame and drip designs throughout the accessory.

The bag is currently available for pre-order on Amarachi’s site for $79.09 (£60) in limited quantities. Treat yourself this week and avoid missing out on this bomb bag.

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