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Cactus Plant Flea Market and Nike Are Back Again With Their Latest Air Force 1 By You and Capsule Collection

On Monday, Cactus Plant Flea Market and Nike released their Nike Air Force 1 By You sneaker, kickstarting the By You program which allows sneaker lovers to customize their own pair of CPFM AF1 Low sneakers. The customization aspect comes complete with various choices, allowing customers to express their own individual style and take on the sneaker.

The AF1 Low CPFM sneaker is a modern day blend of the classic Air Force 1 and Uptempo shoe which keeps the classic touch of Nike and allows CPFM’s Cynthia Lu to express bold, playful nature of the brand. The customization process comes with the choice of getting your sneaker in black or white, giving consumers the choice to mix match or settle with one color for each sneaker. The right sneaker comes complete with the Uptempo lettering of the word “Air, but the left side will be available to customize with the words “SUNSHINE”, “AIR”, or “FLEA” which comes in seven outlined colors to choose from. Lastly, consumers are given the option to settle with a classic nylon tongue or a synthetic leather alternate to match the rest of the shoe.

Though the sneaker has sold out, a corresponding six-piece capsule collection of apparel will be released on October 28th and feature vintage Nike pieces that were archived by CPFM.

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