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LIVSTREETWEAR Encourages You to Live Boldly and Tell Your Own Story Through 90s Inspired Streetwear

Many streetwear trends and brands draw inspiration from the 1990s and early 2000s fashion scene, specifically hip hop and Black fashion. Fashions such as bucket hats, overalls with the one strap, and track pants with logo on the side all originate from the 90s hip hop scene. While some brands make use of the trends from the era for temporary use, one brand’s essence and overall aesthetic is heavily influenced 90s hip hop scene and its unapologetic fashions.

LIVSTREETWEAR is a New York based brand that encourages its wearers to “LIV out loud” through its vibrant designs and pieces. Just by scrolling through the brand’s Instagram page, you truly get the vibes of the late 90s with everything from the static televisions to occasional posts of unbothered fashion icons from the period like Missy Elliot and Lil’ Kim. Moreover, LIVSTREETWEAR has caught the attention of many influencers and even celebrities like Kehlani and SZA.

The brand is headed by Founder, Designer, and Stylist, Olivia Anthony, who shared a few words with us about her inspirations, her creative process, and the essence behind LIVSTREETWEAR:

I just wanted to start off by saying I absolutely love LIVSTREETWEAR from the designs to the underlying message of living freely and boldly. What prompted you to create the brand in 2012?

Thank you so much! Honestly, I was just dropping my website for my styling career. During my web launch party, I had the team wear my logo on a t-shirt and people started asking me if they can buy a shirt. So I did… The shirts turned into jackets and jackets turned into hats and so on. Then poof… LIVSTREETWEAR was born.

Why the choice to go with bold colors and designs?

My whole life I’ve absolutely loved vibrant colors. Anyone can wear black and look amazing however it takes a bold person to “LIV” in color and thats what my brand is all about, living outside of the box and going for it.

The brand gives off such a nostalgic feeling, taking me back to like the 90s hip hop scene. What made you continue with this aesthetic and why do you think it is important to highlight that era?

It’s instilled in my DNA. As a kid, I watched my older sister navigate through the 90’s. They wore crazy nails and hair, like no one cared, they just lived unapologetically. The bigger the better! It inspired me then and it continues to be a source of inspiration now. 

Can you describe what the design process is like for you from ideation to seeing it come to life? Which part brings you the most satisfaction and joy?

My process often start off with inspiration from a movie, saying or someone simply walking down the street in Soho. I meditate and study deeper into my inspiration, then create a story around it with clothing. The biggest satisfaction is when the customer wears it and embodies the pieces in their own way.

Describe the moment (emotions, what you were doing, etc) when LIVSTREETWEAR was first featured in a major publication.

When my Teen Vogue interview came out, I was leaving my friend, Jeremy’s house, grabbing dinner and I received the email saying it was live. I was shook. Even though I’ve been interviewed before by others, it was just something about seeing my name next to Teen Vogue. A magazine that I grew up on that I grew up on. I will remember that moment forever!

What are your thoughts on the current state of women’s streetwear?

I feel like it’s definitely growing and I’m excited to see more. Not only other women designers but for myself as well. There is a plan the God has and I’m just excited to see it all unfold.

What can we expect for from LIVSTREETWEAR in the new year?

New collections! More life changing moments in the industry! More growth!

What advice can you offer to young women entering the streetwear market from a creative standpoint (design, creative direction, etc)?

Simply understand that your time is different from everyone else. Stay true to yourself and keep going! Never give on your vision, even if you don’t receive instant results, anything can happen if you just believe.

Explore the brand’s selections here and keep it with new drops via Instagram here.

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