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Why So Phresh: Viral Crocheted Solange Top by Akua Darkwa

Meet Akua Darkwa, the 19 year old University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign student who designed this viral crochet top of Solange’s When I Get Home cover art. It is no secret that Solange is a lover and creator when it comes to art and visuals. So, of course she showed love by retweeting and posting the top on her Instastory story, causing buzz for the top and Akua’s other work.

Akua Darkwa is a Chicago native and was exposed to the concept of crocheting at the an early age. Inspired by the music and the album’s aesthetic, Akua spent 12 hours on the top throughout the 4-day creation process. The vocal performance major was beyond ecstatic when Solange showed admiration for her piece and the love that she received from thousands of others as well. While the Solange top is not up for sell at the moment, she does have plans to start taking orders in June for other crochet pieces just in time for Summer.

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