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Women In The Mix: Chats with Rising Female DJ’s, Other Women You Should Be Booking, and More!

In the world of mixes and men, the gals are making it known that they can DJ too and better. The music industry, like much of the nation’s industries, is very much dominated by the male gender, especially in the art of dj’ing. Women are not new to this fine art, just ask the OG’s like Spinderella and Dj Jazzy Joyce. Females who have mastered the turntables have just been overlooked by patriarchy’s eye, but have no fear. The takeover is here and many female DJ’s have been rising through the ranks and showing the industry that they can hold their own on their sets.

Skilled in mastering mixes, these women are also walking fashion inspirations as they uniqueness is also reflected through their dope style as well. Each female DJ has their own personal touch in fashion and their craft and their drive to work 10x harder sets them apart from their male counterparts.

We’ve chatted with three dope female DJ’s who know are bringing female power into the mix and showing us what makes them different and unique in the industry.

DJ Faucet (@djfaucet_) aka Simone from California

How long she’s been spinning records:

“I am approaching 6 months.”

What inspires her:

“Inspiration is everywhere, from the words of your favorite artist to the sounds that surrounds us in our everyday life. Sometimes, we need to put our phones down and open our eyes and just take it all in. Hanging out with other creatives as well gets the creative juices flowing as we bounce ideas musically back and forth…and the results are usually fire.”

Challenges faced as a female in this industry:

“When you think of a DJ , you typically think of a male spinning the records. There has been a rapid new wave of girl DJ’s, myself included. If you look at a lot of girls in the industry, they push their sexuality out there. That’s one thing I said I didn’t want to be caught up in. I shouldn’t have to be half naked just to spin some of my favorite records. I want to be respected as a DJ and for my craft. I breathe, eat, and sleep this DJ shit and I want to be known for my skill and being the cool chic cozy DJ who dresses how she wants. My DJ name is actually DJ FAUCET because well, I got the drip (Lol). The drip is in you rather than on you so whatever I put together, I’ll still stand out. Being accepted as a female DJ in such a male dominant industry is also challenging. My talents are always underestimated which is why I have no choice but to be BOLD and step out for change. I always tell others, your talent will speak for itself so that’s why I just continue to put all my energy into doing what it is that I genuinely LOVE & that’s DJ’ing.”

Advice to women who want to work in the music industry:

“BE YOU! Everybody else is already taken! I know it’s cliche, but it’s incredible how I look and see SO many “ look alikes “ or girls idolizing other human beings when they can just tap into themselves & understand that they too have something about them that’s different and unique & the world needs it. Another thing! We MUST STOP SLEEPING ON OURSELVES! That’s for not just the women, but for everyone. Everything we want is on the other side of fear. When we stop making excuses and begin living in our truths, we can be prosperous in anything we put our minds to.”

Phresh Fact about DJ Faucet

DJ Boygirl (@ecnaiva) aka Aviance from Hampton, VA

How long she’s making mixes and spinning records:

“I’ve been dj’n for about 2 and half years. At least that’s when I put out my first mix.”

Her aesthetic:

‘I’d say my style is very groovy, colorful and hippy inspired when it comes to things such as my cover art and my theme of my content. But I am an underground dj. I also like to consider myself so, especially with the types of events I DJ such as house shows, art shows, and parties.”

What makes her unique:

“I honeslty haven’t really faced any issues as a female in the industry. I’m really well respected as a person and dj. I’d like to say people accept me for sure. Being that I’m very different from any other DJ, male or female.”

Advice she would offer to women who want to work in the music industry:

“I’d advise her to go for it! I feel like everyone should do what they want/love and interested in and to never limit themselves because of their gender and what standards people come up with nowadays.”

DJ Tati Mia (@tatianamiaaa) aka Tatiana from Philadelphia, PA

How long she’s been dj’ing:

“I’ve been DJ’ing for 4 years now. I started off making beats on my iPad then DJ’ing off my laptop, then eventually took it serious and got equipment.”

Musical taste

“I love trap music. Chief Keef is my favorite rapper. I have so many fav artist like Kid Cudi, Frank ocean, Grimes , Lana Del Rey. But Keef is my top one.”

Her style

“I’m always changing my look. I always get inspired from different movies, tv shows, or cartoons. But I’m definitely a tomboy.”

Challenges faced as a female in this industry:

“So many curators and promoters will try to finesse you and not pay you what you deserve because you’re a woman. Male DJs, promoters, producers, and rappers constantly sexualize me. It is hard to network without management because people slide in my dms all the time for business, but it’s usually because they just want to have sex with me. I’ll reach out to promoters and see them book my male friends, but they’ll just flirt with me. It is never a genuine networking convo.”

Advice to women pursuing a passion in the music industry:

“My advice would be to stay true to yourself and never forget why you do what you are doing. So many people will try to change you or give you advice on how you should move, but stay consistent, practice, and work hard because nobody will take you serious if you don’t take yourself serious. Don’t feel pressured to do anything that you don’t want to do & don’t be in the mix unless it’s for business. You can get caught up in the scene really fast. Ignore what the haters gotta say. The more you accomplish, the more people will have an opinion. Lastly, never give up no matter the circumstance.”

Festival season is among us and here other some other dope female DJ’s who are mastering the turntables and fashion one mix at a time:

Amrit, @itsamrit

Vashtie, @vashtie

Venus X, @venusxgg

Brittany Sky, @brittanysky

Siobhan, @siobhanbell

Odalys, @odalys_ny

Nolita, @djnolita

Dylan Ali, @dylanthegypsy

[Interviews and responses have been edited to fit the format of this document]

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