Four Fashion Weeks, More Style: Four Street Style Mood Boards from Fashion Month for SS19

September was Fashion Week Month for all of the big cities like Milan, New York, Paris, and London. It was such a hassle keeping up every week, trying to post on Twitter and Instagram and staying on top of everything that was happening at the exact moment when it was happening. Classes started picking a bit for me; so basically, this is me dumping all of these street style pictures resting in my cellular device that I have not had time to put into post form. But ANYWAYS, the street style is the best part of fashion week; you see all of your favorite celebrities and bloggers in their best outfits. Plus, trends stem from street style; so, we get to almost see the trends before they even happen. Street style is perfect source for inspiration for the upcoming seasons for everyone from the designers to the masses. So, I rounded up my favorite street style looks from all of the fashion weeks and organized them by city:

New York Fashion Week (September 6 – 14)

London Fashion Week (September 14 – 18)

Milan Fashion Week (September 19 – 25)

Paris Fashion Week (September 24 – October 2)

London Fashion Week is starting to become a personal fave of mine because the designers and brands gear towards my edgy and street side. I shop online at a lot of UK stores, so it was no wonder I took a liking towards their fashions. Also, I love their street style too because it is a bit more…”street”/casual than the other fashion weeks. Hopefully, I can go one day and experience the shows and be apart of the street style. (If any representatives for London Fashion Week are reading this…hint hint, wink wink!)

All pictures are from these Instagram pages: @streetrends, @stylesightworldwide, @thestreetpie, @thestylestalkercom, @thestyleograph, & @stylemilkshake. Highly recommend following them for street style looks. They capture all of the best street style during all of the big fashion weeks and even some of the lesser known ones.

Till next time, loves.

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