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How Princess Diana Paved The Way For This Street Style Trend

We cannot discuss fashion and its icons without coming across Princess Diana. Princess Diana possessed such a different style unlike any royal members we have seen. Besides her classy style, she did possess a sort of “street style” in a way, but to her it was simply a workout style. Her workout style consisted of oversized sweatshirts and…biker shorts. Sound familiar?

The biker short is a trend in today’s streetwear and street style and has been seen on numerous celebrities such as the Kardashians and the Hadid sisters. It is no surprise that this trend has come back around to become part of everyday wear and street style. Activewear is now part of casual day wear and birthed the term “atheleisure”. Athleisure is on the rise and not going anywhere anytime soon. But the biker short trend was popularized by none other than the beautiful Princess Diana as she wear it when she was working out and leaving the gym!

(Top left: Kim Kardashian, Top right: Bella Hadid, Bottom: Vanessa Hong @thehautepursuit)
(Top right: Elyanna Banes Sanchez @ekkebaness, Top left: Aude-Julie “AJ” Alingue @aude_julie, Bottom: Danielle Leguillou @danie.sierra)

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