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10 Pretty Phresh Babes on Instagram: September Edition

With me getting into streetwear and Instagram in the last year (yes, I just joined IG this year…don’t judge me), I discovered so many women in the streetwear scene with the best kicks, style, and feeds. This was so hard narrowing down 10 women when I came across like 20+ girls, so I will do another post later with 10 more women. So here’s to Part I of the 10 chicks killing the streetwear scene on IG. (Not ranked in specific order)


Dylan, @diln_


Melody Trend, @frntr0w


 Aude-Julie “AJ” Alingue, @aude_julie


Siobhan Bell, @siobhanbell


Kimberly Skinny, @kimberlyskinny


Lena Mendelson, @lena_mendelson


Alani Figueroa, @wuzg00d


Clarissa Henry, @vintagedollrisa


Kicki Yang Zhang, @kickiyangz


Tiffany Alice; @omgtiffanie

Be sure to check back on the site for Part II in a few weeks after I finish covering all of these fashion weeks.

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