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Aleali May Gets Her Own Barbie Doll and Clothing Collection With Mattel Creations ‘Collaboratory’ Alongside Evan Mock, Kristopher Kites, and Blue The Great

Aleali May is amongst four artists, including Evan Mock, Kristopher Kites, and Blue The Great, to join Mattel Creations’ Collaboratory where each creative gets the opportunity to reimagine popular Mattel toys using their artistic backgrounds. Serving as full circle moment from dreams of her younger self, Aleali May will be collaborating with Barbie for an exclusive collection.

If you were a young girl that was into dolls especially Barbie, this is like a dream come true even as an adult woman and this is definitely the emotion Aleali May is going through. Growing up, she would shop the latest Barbie dolls, anticipating their next looks and hairstyles and ultimately setting the early foundations for her love of fashion and styling. Now, the well-known stylist is creating her first-ever collection with Barbie.

In an Instagram post, Aleali May expressed: “I was still looking for representation in the realm of toys. A toy that can get as fly as I see myself — a representation of the many women I had posters of in my 90s childhood room. Girl groups, R&B singers, rappers & models…the same girls who showed girls like me, that we can be that girl too. [pink heart emoji] & teaching the next up about our inspirations..honoring the ones who’ve come and looking brightly towards the future.

May’s collaboration with Mattel Creations includes her Barbie doll dressed in miniature versions of her favorite fashion week wardrobe staples. The first outfit features a silver maxi puffer coat, a leather two-piece set, her first Air Jordan 1 “Shadow” collaboration from 2017, her go-to “A” chain necklace by James V. Ta, and her Martine Ali cage bag collaboration. Also, the leather two-piece set is a sample from her upcoming personal line designed with Thirtynine Seven founder Marquel, so we can expect her very own fashion label soon and then we can all dress like Aleali.

Inspired by her recent Air Jordan 14 “Fortune” collaboration, the second outfit includes a jade print cutout bodysuit, over-the-knee boots, oversized “A” tee, ombre cargo pants, white strappy heels, and green sunglasses.

Aleali May’s Barbie doll is a one-of-its-kind doll, so it will be sold at a private auction. However, the clothing pieces will be available through a limited release on Wednesday, December 3rd at 9AM PT (12PM EST) on Kristopher Kites x Masters of the Universe Orko pendant, Blue the Great x Thomas and Friends’ Thomas the Train, and Evan Mock x Hot Wheels Toyata Pickup truck will also be available on the same day.

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