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Homage Year’s Ova Bag Is The Next Bag Everyone Will Be Carrying: Meet the Brand Behind the Colorful Handbags Dedicated to Manifestations

If you love a good handbag, then this read is definitely for you. We think it’s time you got acquainted with the brand known as Homage Year and their colorfully individualistic handbags, which are indeed next up on the “it” bag radar.

Founded by Antoine Manning in 2014 after “unforeseen circumstances”, Homage (Year) thrives on designing intentional pieces, with each product possessing their own narrative. From the brand’s website, it reads: “Each creation is an activation, an HOMAGE to our people, our culture, to our environment, and acknowledging where we stand in the midst of all of that.

The brand took a brief hiatus, announcing a comeback in 2017 and officially stepping back on the scene in 2020 with Manning’s first pop-up event for the “Words I’ve Never Said” collection. Following the pop-up, it seemed Manning had found his creative groove again as he launched more Homage Year products including the “Covenant” hoodies, “His & Hers” boxer shorts, Florent bag, “Such Love” skully, and more. In March of this year, we were then blessed with the greatness that is the Ova Bag.

Originally named the Egg Bag, the Ova Bag is clearly not your typical handbag at first glance: it’s way better. Taking on an egg-like shape as evident with its former name, the vegan leather handbag appears in an unconventionally round silhouette with a slightly arched handle. Two functioning zippered pockets grace the front of the piece in unique shapes that curve with the structure of the bag. Not to mention, each Ova bag comes with a silk lining and two additional internal pockets along with an adjustable detachable strap, making it perfect for all your on-the-go essentials and styling purposes.

Reeling you in further, each bag presents itself in irresistible hues that you can’t help but want. Adding to its eye-catching appeal, some bags find themselves with a colorblocking detail where the handle is displayed in a lighter tint to the bottom portion’s color.

Via @thevictoriaashvnti

Our favorite noteworthy detail comes from the bag’s another name: the Manifestation Bag. As stated before, each piece from Homage Year comes with its own symbolic story to tell. When it comes to their stylish bags, “Abundant”, “Growth”, “Protection”, “Passion”, “Intuitive”, “Tranquility”, “Control”, and “Solidarity” are the names of the Classic Manifestation bags, conveying personal aspects of which you desire most in this particular chapter of your life. Each bag is accompanied by a poem on the site, as one of Manning’s many talents is poetry, along with a detailed description of the manifestation at hand. Expressions of positive affirmations combined with manifestation have been said to be a powerful tool for creating the life you want for yourself, so why not carry that around with you (literally)?

Within a few short months, Homage Year’s Ova Bags have become quite popular, solidifying itself as the next “it” bag in the eyes of the industry. The bag definitely has received the stamp of approval from street stylers and “fashion girlies”. Rapper Tierra Whack is even a frequent wearer of the brand’s bags. See below how the ladies have been styling their Ova Bags:

In order they appear on the slide: @selflovelee, @pierrahh, @taylortoowavey, @chloeligonn, @myricalmonet, @r.lexiss, @itsxaqsa, @aaliyahligera, @nyiadiahja, @theitgir1, @artsmind, @anya.tisdale, @monizzy__, @zacharina.a, @mk_chege, @charleneandrea_, @hannahmyton, @sudaniah

If you’re looking to get your hands on the Homage Year Ova Bag, you’re in luck. The brand is hosting its largest drop yet as it will be releasing the Ova Bags in its eight classic colors on Sunday, October 31st at 1:30PM EST. Each bag is priced at $275 and will be available on Note: Act quick as their bags have been selling out in minutes lately!

You can stay up-to-date with release information through their Instagram (@homageyear).

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