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These Unique Bubble Slippers Are Taking Over Instagram: How To Wear Them + Where to Cop

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you may have scrolled past a few looks featuring a unusual pair of shoes.

Dubbed as “bubble slippers”, the shoes essentially resemble a bunch of attached golfballs in the form of slide-on footwear. While it looks visually unique and kind of cool, the shoes actually benefit your foot in a positive way. According to a description on Amazon, the shoes are meant to massage your feet and deliver immense support. The shoe is made of EVA, or ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is an elastomeric polymer known to be soft, flexible, and extremely durable. Adding to its durability, the shoes are said to be non-slip and wear-resistant. Not to mention, the sole is curved along with a slight inclined toe box in order to “relieve pressure” and “balance friction”.

While the shoe supplies health perks, it also extremely fashionable as it appears in an unconventionally stylish design in many colors including green, orange, cream, and black. You can also decorate them with pins for a more fashion-forward appeal.

We spoke with a few ladies of the community, who own a pair of the popular bubble slippers, to get their thoughts on the shoe’s comfort, styling and more:

Luna (@lunaseclispe) shares: “I first saw the shoes on my friend’s account and they immediately caught my eye because of their uniqueness. I didn’t think they were comfortable; however, upon trying them on, they were very soft and easy to walk in. As far as styling them, I wanted to wear subtle tones that would make the details of the shoes stand out even more. Overall, a great addition to my collection and I plan on wearing them more in the upcoming months!

K. Doucoure (@kdoucoure_) says: “The golf shoe is a really unique shoe that stood out to me! I like shoe that are different yet stylish. Styling them was easy to me because when I looked at the shoe, it gave me a comfy vibe! It can get a little uncomfortable from time to time, so I’ll say wear socks when you plan on wearing them! Overall, the shoe are cool!

As slip-on footwear, the bubble slippers add a more cozy feel to a look. Perfect for lounging at home or even running errands, they pair well with casual apparel such as cargos, sweatpants, hoodies, pullovers, and other relaxed-style pieces. For more style inspiration, explore how women are wearing the shoes below:

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Whether it is your cup of bubble tea or not, these fun slippers are indeed a hot product right now. You can snag your own pair on Amazon for the affordable price of $24.98. If you’re interested in the bubble slippers with pins, tap in with GeekstaCollection for $65 pairs in black, green, orange, and cream.

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