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Megan Thee Stallion Redefines Sports in Newest Nike Campaign

Megan Thee Stallion and Nike announced their new partnership today as the Houston rapper starred in the brand’s latest “Play New” campaign.

Dubbing herself at the “Hot Girl Coach”, Megan Thee Stallion takes fans through her very own fitness journey in Nike’s Play New campaign, an on-going initiative which “invites people to discover sport in new ways”. After trying everything from basketball to track, the Houston Hottie found a love in dancing as evident in her impeccable twerking skills through the help of her knees of steel. Through such musically-based physical fitness, she redefines the meaning of sports while keeping her curvy body-ody-ody healthy and in shape.

In her Nike feature, she shares: “Dance is my sport. Performing is my sport. Rapping is my sport. And if you think this don’t take no work and no effort and no sweat, you’re wrong.”

The “Savage” rapper is also known for also being quite uplifting in spirit, constantly empowering her fanbase to stay focused and work hard for the things they want out of life. At the same time, she advocates for living out the the journey itself unapologetically as well. She continues this inspirational way of thinking with Nike as she encourages her Hotties, or fanbase, to be healthy physically and mentally.

With Megan Thee Stallion joining team Nike, it has left many to wonder if a product collaboration could be on the way soon. Would you like to see a signature shoe or apparel and accessories collection by Thee Stallion?

For more from Megan Thee Stallion, visit Nike’s Training Club app for exclusive workouts featuring the rapper and Nike trainer Tara Nicolas. Also, tap in here for her Nike feature.

Photos: Adrienne Raquel

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