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Nordstrom Taps Artist Cristina Martinez for Exclusive Collection Celebrating Art, Style, and Latinx Heritage Month

In celebration of Latinx Heritage Month, Nordstrom has partnered with several Latinx-founded and owned brands like Viva La Bonita, Kids of Immigrants, The Honest Company, and more for a curated shop featuring exclusive products. Now, the luxury retailer has unveiled its ongoing partnership with Black-Mexican contemporary artist Cristina Martinez.

You may have seen Cristina Martinez’s work grace your Instagram timeline or perhaps even during your daily routine as she’s been featured in endless galleries and collaborations in addition to serving as an artist behind the one of the World Trade Center’s murals. The Tacoma native’s love for art has always been a thing, but she found a true passion in storytelling through painting. Initially attending school for fashion design, Martinez soon found herself more drawn to sketching and painting figures with each individual holding their very own story to tell. Since then, Cristina Martinez has captivated many with her vibrantly-stimulating abstract works of art that capture the voices of people from Black and Brown communities.

Now, Nordstrom and Cristina Martinez is ready for the world to see what they’ve been cooking up for over a year now: Nordstrom by Cristina Martinez. Encouraging fans and wearers to “stay rooted and keep blooming”, the collection centers around three original pieces by the artist, combining the notions of art and style to form an exclusive collection of products. Titled “No Rain, No Flowers”, “A Planted Seed, Grows”, and “Live to Blossom”, the three works of art were created specifically for the partnership with each representing particular concepts including “the story of life”, the process of growing and accepting the beauty in being you, and thus “blossoming”. Martinez’s creative presence is clearly felt through the use of vivid colors and shapes like her signature flower motifs, in order to truly embody “blooming” into one’s ultimate self.

“No Rain, No Flowers” art piece by Cristina Martinez

On the newly announced partnership with Nordstrom, Cristina Martinez shares: “It was an opportunity to create artwork that not only hangs on walls, but on our bodies. It was a chance for me to revisit fashion – the thing that first got me into this industry. Every purchase you make from this collection will directly support my mission in continuing to create art that represents my culture and encourages all people to water themselves and continuing blooming.”

The Nordstrom by Cristina Martinez collection will be comprised of limited-edition women’s, men’s, gender-inclusive, kid’s, and baby products in addition to home decor. Prices will range from $19-$129.

The first offering of the Nordstrom by Cristina Martinez is set to arrive on Monday, September 27th online and at select in-store locations.

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  1. With all that talent, I believe most of the pieces collaborated with Cristina M. are not up to what I believe would be outrageously gorgeous. These pieces don’t do her justice. My goodness.

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