Why Lanvin’s Chunky Sneakers Are Trending: Style Influencers Weigh In on Why They Are a Must Have

French luxury brand Lanvin has been long regarded timeless in the fashion realm, establishing itself as a lifestyle brand before the term was even a thing. Serving as one of the oldest haute couture houses, Lanvin was founded by Jeanne Lanvin originally as a children’s wear line. The designer was immensely inspired by the birth of her daughter Marguerite di Pietro, which has been quoted as Lanvin’s very “first source of inspiration”. Evident in the brand’s original and well-known Mother and Child logo, the bond between Lanvin and her daughter became a quintessential aspect of the brand’s journey. Ultimately, the fashion house’s style evolved and mirrored Marguerite’s experience of growing up and becoming a woman.

After the designer reached couture status and Marguerite entered into womanhood, she then began to design womenswear which was still rather youthful but elegant and feminine nonetheless. In the 1920s, Lanvin solidified itself as a household name and lifestyle brand offering menswear, womenswear, children’s wear, perfume and home decor.

To the this very day, Lanvin is still thriving as a luxury brand for the entire family, maintaining its youthful heritage while staying in touch with modern updates. In fact, a particular item from the brand is currently trending in the fashion world, further showing us that Lanvin is here to stay.

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The Lanvin “Curb” sneaker has taken a step into the streetwear sphere as many style influencers and celebrities have been spotted in the trendy kicks. Singer Teyana Taylor is amongst the list of wearers as she has been spied in three different colorways of the shoes while delivering her usual captivating style moments on Instagram. The Clermont Twins and designer Shateria Moragne-El have also donned the edgy chunky sneakers.

Teyana Taylor (@teyanataylor)

Stamped with a price tag of $890, the Lanvin Curb is a shoe that’ll make you do a double take. Inspired by the boldness that encompassed 90s fashion, the shoe presents itself in a cool, chunky silhouette for physical comfort and visual spunkiness. Vibrant, thick herringbone laces intertwine across the padded tongue rounded off with shimmering metallic eyelets. The upper consists of various textures including nappa calfskin leather, suede, and mesh. Not to mention, the history of Lanvin is felt with the presence of the Mother and Child logo imprinted on the toe box.

With the vast popularity of the Curb sneaker, we had to reach out to style influencers to see what the hype was about. We chatted with Ashley Styles and Avian Townsend on what they love most about the Lanvin Curb sneaker and why it’s such a wardrobe must-have.

Ashley Styles, who owns the Lanvin Curb “Light Blue” shoe, weighs in on the sneaker:

“Living in New York, comfort is key. I recently walked a few miles while shopping around the city and decided to wear the Curb sneakers. It really felt as if I was walking on clouds. I appreciate the aesthetic and texture of the sneakers, while also being usable. There are numerous designer sneakers out there that are must-haves but not comfortable, or they are comfortable but not pleasing to the eye. With the Curb, I really feel like it’s the best of the both worlds. I have received numerous messages from friends asking for my advice on the shoe, so I know it’s a winner in the luxury space.

They are truly a stand out piece for those looking to take a break from Nike, adidas, or New Balance sneakers. They offer the coverage of a well-made sneaker, while also having unique elements like a chunky sole and thick printed laces. I also enjoy how reminiscent they are of skater shoes and the nod they have to the streetwear community. Lastly, I am personally all about practicality when it comes to big purchases, and how often I can use an item. With the Curbs and the colorways available, they can go with numerous fits and also allow you to stand out from the crowd. Clearly, Lanvin has done something right, as they are usually sold out everywhere. I like that I have seen more fashion forward people wearing these versus celebrities. It’s a hit on the streets for sure.”

Avian Townsend, who owns the Lanvin Curb “Green” sneakers, expresses her thoughts on the shoe:

“I’m a fan of all the chunky dad/designer sneakers that have come out over the years including the Louis Vuitton Archlight and the Balenciaga Triple S. The Lanvin Curb Sneaker was just a natural next addition to my designer sneaker collection. What I love most about the sneaker is how versatile it is and how it toes the line of being both a very feminine and masculine sneaker. I can wear it with a dress and still feel very cute and edgy, especially with the pastel pink laces, or I throw on some sweats and an oversized t-shirt and it still has a very fashionable, girly appeal about it.

The laces completely make the sneaker. I had a hard time deciding which colorway and was torn between the Lanvin x Gallerie collab (sold out and had to be put on a waitlist) and the pink and green colorway that I ended up getting. Because of how cute the laces make the sneaker, I’m debating on getting another pair because I practically wore them with everything this summer. I also got the men’s version of the sneaker which according to the Lanvin sales rep is a more chunky version vs. the women’s version, and I preferred that look over the women’s even though it is a minor difference. It’s definitely the designer sneaker of the summer and I recommend any fashion-forward girl to add it to their collection.”

The Lanvin Curb sneakers was initially offered in men’s sizing, but the brand has expanded into women’s sizing for the shoe with both priced at $890. While select colorways have sold out, they are still some available on

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