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28 Black Women in Sneakers and Streetwear You Should Be Following on Instagram

As our own personal celebration of Black History Month, we would like to take the time to highlight a few Black women who are making strides in the sneaker and streetwear industries. The 28 women we selected to acknowledge follow creative paths in the given industries, but they make use of their platforms for bigger purposes outside of style and sneaker content. They recognized their power as influencers and creators and utilize their Instagram accounts to educate, empower and speak out against everyday injustices.

As a community-based platform for women in sneakers and streetwear, we see these women everyday and admire their style and flare as well as their willingness to guide and inform others. Without further ado, let’s get into the 28 Black female creatives in sneakers and streetwear we feel like you should be following on Instagram:

  1. Taylor (@lettaytellit)

While Taylor regularly graces us with her dope sneaker shots, she also uses her platform to voice her opinions about social injustice in society as a whole but the sneaker community as well. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind when it comes to wrongdoings against female sneakerheads and we truly appreciate her for that. She also runs her own brand called Let Tay Create It where she supplies sneaker heads with the ultimate pairs of socks and is currently pushing out apparel dedicated to respecting female sneakerheads.

2. Keia (@keiakodama)

You may have seen her epic flicks or maybe her custom Swoosh jackets that our followers can’t seem to get enough of. Keia Kodama is a visual artist, designer and sneaker enthusiast who always shakes up Instagram with her iPhone “fauxtography” and creative projects. The Kodama Project is home to her many innovative designs including her The Future Is Sneakers tees, Swoosh Gang outerwear and Nike-inspired artwork.

3. Lanise (@thecorporatefrugal)

Lanise aka The Corporate Frugal is definitely another women in sneakers to follow. Like many sneakerheads, she loves to show off her kicks on her feed. Lanise also uses her Instagram to shine a light on conversations like representation in the sneaker community. She is the creator of the hashtag #TheSneakerIndustryNeedsMoreBlackGirls which acknowledges Black female sneaker lovers and encourages brands and companies to do the same.

4. Christina (@if_i_cant_wear_snkrs)

Christina Kenan dedicates her page to supplying women with sneaker release information, plugging ladies into store raffles and regular first come, first serve drops. She also recently launched a biweekly series called “When Did You First Fall In Love With Sneakers?” where she spotlights and chats with some notable women in the sneaker community from content creators to designers.

5. Jess (@jessylaw)

Jess Lawrence is a “jack of all trades” with roles such as freelance writer, social media manager, model and content creator on her resumé. When she isn’t supplying style inspiration on the daily, Jess utilizes her growing platform to speak out about racial injustices and changes that need to happen within the sneaker community.

6. Jazerai (@nerdlikejazzy)

It is nothing that Jazerai Allen-Lord can’t do. In 2019, she joined Reebok’s It’s a Man’s (crossed out) World campaign and secured her very own collaborative Club C 85 which ultimately sold out. Not to mention, she isn’t new to the sneaker game. She is often regarded as an “OG” when it comes to sneakers and streetwear with an extensive history in the industry. Backed by a background in writing, Jazerai isn’t afraid to speak her truth and serve as a voice for women in sneaker culture. She posed as a mentor to Jourdan Ash, founder of the platform True to Us where Black women are recognized as the biggest contributors to streetwear and sneaker culture as we know it today. Additionally, she is the founder of the platform known as True to Size which works to “amplify marginalized voices & speak to the heart of communities”. Serving as one of the key drivers for change in the industry, she constantly pushes the envelope and paves a way for the future generation of women in sneakers and streetwear.

7. Kia (@thenotoriouskia)

Kia Marie is an all-around creative with a background in styling, content creation, and blogging. She has dubbed herself as a “Kickfluencer” as she is known for heating up Instagram with her dope looks complete with the hottest kicks. She even has her own hashtag called #KickinItWithKia. Kia is also one of the two hosts of the podcast Kontent Queens alongside Vic Styles. Together the two chat about their experiences as influencers and content creators. When you dig deeper outside of her style inspiration, Kia uses her platform to empower women and advocate for sustainability in the industry.

8. Dom (@domdotdoll)

Shot by @jxsvbel

NY artist and sneaker lover Dom Stanley is definitely a creative fly girl you should keep on your radar. Dom’s Instagram feed consists of her dope art like her 1 of 1 custom apparel and accessories as well as her paintings. She draws inspiration from many elements rooted in the culture like sneakers and the overall Black experience. Let’s not forget, she also serves up major looks on the regular as she possesses her own, unique style.

9. Milnalis (@bythemil)

Designer, social media manager, and blogger? Milnalis is a woman of many talents! She owns her own networking company known as Created 2 Create. Her IG aesthetics alone make you want to follow but more importantly Milnalis’s feed tells a story of her struggles, success and more. It is complete with style inspiration, sneakers, and overall uplifting, empowering content of which she wants to use to help others.

10. Chanelle (@flygrllifestyle)

If you consider yourself a “fly girl”, then you know fly girls have to flock together. Another woman you should add to your following list is personal stylist and designer Chanelle. She is the owner of the Fly Girl Mafia clothing brand which carries pieces for the flyest women like stackers and dope graphic tees. While she also supplies dope garments, she can also help you style your pieces through her styling services.

11. Tiona (@tiona_deniece)

Tiona Deniece? Hmm…sound familiar, right? Maybe you’re already a fan or spotted her on Griselda’s WWCD album as a feature on the song “Kennedy” alongside other big names including 50 Cent and Eminem. When she isn’t mesmerizing listeners with her angelic voice, she is showing off her endless kicks as an avid member of the sneaker community. In addition to producing her own content, Tiona has also worked with other platforms like Nike, Sneakercon, Made for the W and Thick Laces. She was also recently featured on Nice Kicks for their “Small Town Sneakerhead” series and has her own merchandise dubbed as “She Likes To Kick It”.

12. Shanice (@shansgotsole)

When it comes to consistent style inspo and endless sneakers, Shanice is your go-to girl. Shanice’s Instagram feed is dedicated to her ever-growing collection of sneakers which she usually shares from three angles, setting the tone for her feed’s aesthetic. She is also a woman who uses her platform to bring awareness to racial issues as well as boost women especially Black women. She is also the editor of BLVK Mag which is an e-magazine devoted to “giving flowers” to Black culture in its entirety.

13. Aisha (@_lifeasashia)

Aisha A. is a Youtuber who combined her passion for blogging and sneakers and supplies her subscribers with content such as reviews and unboxings. On her Instagram, you can catch her sharing her kicks and fit for the day. You can tap into her Sole of Kicks page where she exclusively shares her sneaker-related content.

14. Melissa (@melissachanel)

Melissa Chanel is regular lifestyle content creator who “helps women find their sneaker style and inspire them to chase their dreams” per her bio. When she isn’t creating content for her personal account, she’s running one of our favorite platforms, Kicks and Fros. Kicks & Fros uplifts Black women in all shades and body types who share a passion for sneakers. If you’re a Black woman who loves kicks, you should definitely be following both Melissa and Kicks and Fros.

15. Treya (

Working as a digital content producer and video editor, Treya is familiar with working both behind and in front of the camera. Behind the lenses, she has captured many familiar faces including Jhené Aiko, Pharrell, and Megan Thee Stallion. When she’s in front of the camera, Treya provides her followers with a look into her dope tomboy chic style and impressive sneakers. We first came across Treya while covering looks for Complex Con in 2019 and we’ve been fans ever since.

16. Essie (@essiegolden)

Shot by @martaskovro

When scrolling through her Instagram, you can’t help but save Essie’s looks for style inspiration. She’s a woman that has a limitless style where she truly wears whatever she feels. One day, her look may be a cozy sweatsuit and sneakers while she may opt for a glittery dress and heels the next day. Moreover, Essie is also the co-founder of another favorite platform of ours, Thick Laces. Plus-size women often go unrecognized in the industry and that’s where Thick Laces steps in, serving as a space for plus-size women who are passionate about sneakers and streetwear.

17. Kiah (@simplykiah)

Based in Toronto, Kia is always heating up Instagram with perfectly-coordinated fits and sneaker shots. Back in November, she launched a new feature on her IG known as “Sneaker Facts with Kiah” where she drops knowledge on sneakers from past and present. You’d be surprised what you would learn from her.

18. Crys (@cryslajoy)

Crys LaJoy is a Chicago influencer who brings us joy every time she drops a new fit pic. Known for mixing prints and rocking kicks, Crys will supply you with style inspo that you never know you needed into you saw her. Aside from fashion, she can assist in many other areas too including hair services and cooking. We love a multifaceted woman.

19. Stephanie (@stephanieht)

For over five years, Stephanie has been a branded content creator who has worked with names like adidas, Vans, Reebok and more. Working with sneakers, it is no secret that she also shares a love for them on a personal level. As the creator of the blog Women In Sneakers, she celebrates women involved in the sneaker industry from footwear designers to influencers. Stephanie gets the opportunity to speak one-on-one with these women making advances in the industry through the blog’s popular podcast.

20. Coco (@coco_mell)

Stylist and sneaker enthusiast Coco Mell is one who’s work simply cannot go unnoticed, having styled campaigns for Nike, Footlocker, and Converse to name a few. Also, she is an all-around sneakerhead with a huge collection of kicks and an Instagram feed to prove it. Additionally, she is one of the hosts of the female-ran podcast known as Sole Intent which discusses all things relating to sneakers and the culture. Lastly, what we love most about Coco is the fact she uses her Instagram as a tool to push conversations about topics such as self-care and the Black Lives Matter movement.

21. Bianca (@imsimplyb)

Perhaps one of our favorite content creators, Bianca aka @imsimplyb supplies her followers with the most engaging sneaker-related content. Every Sunday, she hosts #SneakerSunday where she goes live with other women in the sneaker industry to chat about kicks. She is also known for her popular hashtag #1sWereMadeForRainyDays and her online shop which is home to her highly sought-after Simply Stacked Bag.

22. Nikole (@nikoles_soles)

Nikole Glenn is an artist who turns her sneaker obsession into amazing works of art. She regularly shares pictures of her sneaker-inspired artwork which will feature kick or fit pics from women of Instagram. She’ll also post sneaker shots from her own personal collection but with an artsy twist.

23. Ari (@codename_ari)

If you’re an adidas girl, you’re going to want to follow this creative who loves adidas. Naming her content “Ari’s Originals” after adidas Originals, Ari’s Instagram is filled with the dopest lifestyle shots of her street style mixed with her adidas sneakers. She is also co-owner of the streetwear brand RE9AL.

24. Rocquelle (@considermelovely)

Posing as an educator by day and the “Jill of Many Trades” by night, Rocquelle lives quite the life…and in style, might we add. Rocquelle is perhaps the coolest teacher we know, gracing us daily with distinctive looks you can’t help but double tap. When she isn’t in the classroom, she is running her podcast Black Style Anecdotes, a space where Black women exchange style stories and tips. With a passion for vintage, she also operates a clothing brand called CML Goods which features both her vintage finds and clothing products designed by her. Additionally, she owns Bridal Flea which is a consignment shop for leftover wedding items such as bride’s dresses, linens, and more.

25. Heather (@heatheeeer)

If you’re an auntie, then you may be familiar with Heather’s brand Something for the Aunties and its immensely popular “Auntie” shirts. Yep, you read it right. Heather is the founder of the brand and the mastermind behind the tees our followers know and love. As an aunt herself, she decided to tap into what was near and dear to her and celebrate the important familial role along with showcasing her tomboy chic style.

26. Cacia, (@lefthandglam)

“Frugal, fashionable and fabolous” is how Cacia of Left Hand Glam describes herself and she is indeed correct. Her style is quite hard to miss as it is vibrant and 100% individualistic to her personality. She simply wears what she wants and pulls it off effortlessly. While she rocks heels and boots on occasion, sneakers are her weakness. Matched with her style, her looks will become your next source of inspiration.

27. Ashley (@ashleyvera_)

Nail shots, fits, and kicks? If you love all these, then you’re going to want to follow Ashley Vera. Ashley is one of our favorite Instagrammers who always wow’s us with her sneaker shots whether they are themed or just-regular “hey look at my kicks” flicks. She graces the feed with cozy fits to show how she styles particular kicks. She is also a makeup artist who spreads her knowledge in entrepreneurship to assist other female business owners.

28. Ny (@solelyaboutnyyyy)

Ny created her blog Solely About Ny in the midst of the global pandemic as a way to showcase her love for art, fashion and sneakers. She creates the most unique, helpful content for women in sneakers including information regarding hyped and general releases as well as regularly showing support for other female figures in the sneaker community.

Be sure to follow these amazing ladies as they continue on their creative, game-changing journeys!

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