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Cozy Pieces to Wear at Home During Your Social Distancing

Working from home or even just being at home during this time can be quite the transition for some. The same routine of waking up and doing work or other tasks for weeks can cause one to become unmotivated and essentially, a couch-potato or bed-potato. One way to combat these groggy feelings is to get yourself in a routine of getting up and getting dressed everyday as if you are going to work. Get up, make a nice breakfast, do your daily skincare and beauty regimen, and throw on a nice fit. Now, the fit doesn’t have to extravagant (unless, you want it to be). You can keep it cozy since you are in the crib.

With that being said, we’ve rounded up pieces from brands such as Sporty & Rich, Nike, and COLD London that will keep you looking fresh and cozy during your social distancing.

Stüssy x Nike Fleece Pullover, $80
Nike Swoosh Logo Hoodie ($150), available at Nike, Feature, END, and NAKED in grey, black, and yellow
Nike Swoosh Logo Hoodie Pants ($140), available at Nike, Feature, END, and NAKED in grey, black, and yellow
COLD London Cherub Hoodie, £85
Stüssy Crew Tee, $40 at NAKED
Club Fantasy Playtime Sweatpants, $156 (on sale for $101.40 currently)
JADED London Not Ur Angel Graffiti Print T-Shirt ($36) and Not Your Angel Graffiti Print Joggers ($60)
Sporty & Rich “Health & Wellness” Tee, $60 at SSENSE
Maria Gulina Anniversary Hoodie in Ivory, £52
I Hope You Feel Beautiful Today Shirt, $40 at ThirtyNineSeven
Prolific Cotton Sweatshorts in Black, $40 (also available in Red)
Pleasures Balance Embroidered Premium Crewneck, $104 at Naked

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay cozy and fresh during this epidemic!

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