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Seven Female Illustrators You Should Be Following on Instagram: Chats on Exploring Streetwear Muses and the Importance of Art and Representation

In honor of Women’s History Month, we wanted to shine a light on some talented women involved in the arts, specifically illustration! We are always searching for cool things to post outside of sneakers and streetwear fits and drawings from female artists happens to be one those cool alternatives that we love to post to spice up our feed.

So, we’ve gathered up six female illustrators that create streetwear and sneaker-inspired artwork and they even shared with us why art is so important to them. Let’s get into these ladies and their ultra-cool work:

Ariana aka “Arie”, 23 (@_arieerose)

My focus is on fashion, music, hair, makeup etc. -and how we Americans present ourselves as a culture. I do so, however, as a mean to visually speak about social issues. My goal is to showcase and highlight those trailblazers who originate these trends – social pioneers of our society. Traditionally, trends circulating through social media are appropriated and whitewashed. As an African American woman I understand the importance of representation due to a pervasive lack of diversity, When people see my work I want them to see where I come from as well as seeing something of themselves there too, all dressed up in joyful colors, brilliant patterns and harmonious shades.

Christal, 24 (@christallized_)

Art is important to me because it’s a chance to release any kind of pint up emotion, whether it be anger or joy, I can express that. Also, it allows access to different realities within different societies, an opportunity to witness their truths.

Beth, 24 (@bethcolecreative)

Art is important to me as it allows me to fully express myself, I am currently focusing on illustrations based around streetwear and trainers which are another one of my interests. It’s important to me to merge these two things that I love together to create artwork, it makes it fun and enjoyable.

Stevee, 23 (@so.stevee)

Art is important for me because it gives me an outlet to visually express all the thoughts I have in my head. As a black female designer in a field that is still underrepresented, I take a personal responsibility making sure young girls that look like me understand they can make a career out of doing what they love.

Maya, 24 (@mayul.jpg)

Art for me is a way to speak when you’re running out of words.

Sydney, 24 (@graphicswear)

I’ve loved streetwear for a while now. I love how you’re able to encompass so many different cultures into one style and you’re able to put your own uniqueness to it. I started my art based around women in streetwear because there’s such a small niche of women in that industry, so I wanted to bring to light, cool women in fashion who I find inspiration from and basically let people know that guys aren’t the only ones out here who can wear sneakers and sweats lol. My art has been a great way to connect with other women interested in streetwear fashion & that has been one of my favorite parts of it all!

Avery, 17 (@fenneroux)

Art is a way to express myself and my interpretations of the world. I’m still learning and building skills, but it’s fun just to draw and to explore the things i like (see: fancy sneakers lol) with art.

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