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Yeezy Season Is Back, but It Really Never Left: A Look Into the Paris Show

Kanye West held his Yeezy Season 8 show yesterday in Paris which featured Fall/Winter womenswear and let’s just say…Yeezy is back and this is just what we needed. Yeezy Season was launched in 2015 with the first season as a collaboration with adidas which is still an on-going partnership today. The rest is history as Yeezy Season shows became one of the most talked about and hyped in fashion, specifically streetwear. Like come on, how could we forget Yeezy Season 3 with the slew of models at Madison Square Garden and we got the first listens of The Life of Pablo? What a time. After controversial casting calls and cancelled fashion week shows, Yeezy Season 7 marked the last presentation held in 2018 which mimicked Season 6’s paparazzi-following-Kim feels.

It is now 2 years later since the last season’s collection and Yeezy Season 8 definitely was quite the comeback. Giving us just a little taste, the collection included 18 looks which was just enough to refresh us on Kanye was capable of when it came to design. It was also enough to get the industry buzzing for whatever he created next. The two-year Yeezy Season break allowed him to tap back into what got fashion industry really talking when he did Season 1: innovation and experimentation. Yeezy Season 8 stayed true to its soft, earthy tones with the use of colors like nude, cream, and matcha green. In a quick chat with Highsnobiety, Kanye told the platform that he wanted to play around with unique fabrics like sheepskin from his farm and unusual silhouettes like oversized puffer vests. A few pieces that caught our attention were the cream fur puffer jacket, the split hem pants, and puffer boots.

Essentially, the collection illustrated Kanye’s current lifestyle and takes on fashion, truly giving us “a little piece from our home in Cody, Wyoming” as stated in the invites. The show was complete with a performance by his daughter North West who rapped to a remix of What I Do by the adorable internet sensation ZaZa. Yeezy Season 8 was minimal yet venturesome, a reminiscent of the Yeezy Season aesthetic with new surprises and continued accentuation of the female figure and use of a delicate color palette.

Fashion wasn’t ready for Yeezy Season when it dropped, it was truly ahead of its time. It was so subtle yet impactful that a lot of people truly couldn’t understand what Kanye West was doing. Yes, Yeezy Season is back, but it truly never left. Ever since Season 1 dropped, modern streetwear has been heavily influenced by the brand’s entire aesthetic with oversized garments and subdued color palettes. Many brands still mimic and even completely copy the designs till this day. It is time to really give Kanye his flowers when it comes to Yeezy Season’s design, innovation, and impact.

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