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Badu World Market Explores the Life of Artist Erykah Badu With Streetwear and Spiritual Accessories

Earlier this week, there was lots of talk surrounding Erykah Badu as she announced that she would be releasing a scent that was reminiscent of her vagina. She was 100% serious and the scent launched on Thursday along with her new online brand called Badu World Market, selling out within minutes of its release.

Besides the hype around the scent, she also released three collections of streetwear inspired by her life as a musical artist and spiritual healer. The collection dubbed as “Badu Global” explores the her travels and tours throughout her years as a singer. Pieces include Geta clogs, tabi socks, and hoodies and sweatshirts with sayings such as “Badu in Africa 2014 AD” and “Badu in Japan 2014 AD”. The collection known as “Hip Hop > Government” explores Badu’s personal take on how hip hop has unified and served as an outlet for freedom amongst oppressed people, incorporating hoodies that read “Hip Hop Is Bigger Than Government”. Also, it is no clue that Erykah Badu has worked under several different aliases throughout her career like Sarah Bellum and Badula Oblongata. She honors these as moments of evolution and transformation with a collection of tees and hoodies known as “Evolving AKAs”.

In addition to the dope pieces that make up Badu World Market at the moment, she also has paraphernalia such as crystals and vinyl of all of her released albums. The world market also explores Erykah’s creative tastes as well as showcase her upcoming tours and shows.

Shop Erykah’s Badu World Market here.

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