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Tia Adeola’s First NYFW Show Was a Magical Experience Filled With Rapunzel Braids, Modern Femininity, and Sneakers


New York Fashion Week kicked off last week with many emerging designers getting a chance to present their Fall/Winter 2020 designs for the first time at fashion week. One designer that caught our attention on the schedule was Tia Adeola aka Teni-ola “Tia” Adeola. You may be familiar with her brand iteration, Slashed by Tia, which has been spotted on celebrity faves such as Gigi Hadid, SZA, and Kali Uchis.


On Friday, Tia Adeola presented her Fall/Winter 2020 collection for her very first NYFW show and let’s just say…it was a magical fairy tale. Slashed by Tia’s entire collection told a modern-day story of femininity. Tia Adeola referenced historical artwork featuring ancient goddesses, the elegant dressing of Black women during the 1800s, and even today’s elements of dresses and sneaker culture.


Slashed by Tia frequently references historical art movements and famous works associated with that specific time period. The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli was featured in one look where the skirt featured the painting in its entirety with the face of Venus baring the back of a silky jacket. Essentially, the painting symbolizes the love and beauty of the Roman goddess Venus, hinting at notions of present-day feminine beauty.

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What really caught our eye was the show-stopping Rapunzel braids. Models donned floor-length braids that graced the ground or were held in hand, recognizing the ancient fairy tale of the princess who was locked in a tower with her long tresses. We also spotted Nike’s Air Max Verona sneakers on foot at the show. Slashed by Tia has been in an on-going partnership with Nike, so it was only right that the unreleased women’s sneakers to be previewed at fashion week with Tia (maybe we’ll get a Slashed by Tia and Nike collaboration soon).

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Other details worthy of mentioning include experimentation with other delicate materials such as feathers, sequins, and tweed to truly capture the essence of the collection. There was also moments of acknowledging Black regality with the adorned crowns and headpieces along with nods to the idea of modesty with the pearl and crsytal-embellished veils. All these elements came together to truly reveal the evolution and continuation of femininity in society. Congratulations to Tia Adeola for her amazing collection and spectacular show.

Tia Adeola, via VOGUE RUNWAY

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