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Nana-Nana’s A5 PVC Bag Is a Streetwear Hit


PVC bags have been quite popular lately as it offers modern touch to classic shoulder bags with its transparent quality. Many brands have created their own PVC bags but one brand in particular has captured the attention of streetwear lovers and they can’t seem to get enough of it.


Nana-Nana is a Japanese brand that takes everyday accessories and places an artistic and contemporary twist to them with the use of unique fabrics, colors, and more. With this approach in mind, the brand created the popular A5 shoulder bag which has been spotted on influencers, celebrities, and all-around fashionistas. The bag is apart of the A-series of the Nana-Nana bags, hence the “A5” on the bag. It comes in a variety of colors such as pink, yellow, red, green, and lots more. Aside from its voguish aesthetic, the price of the bag is only $64 which makes it even more of a must-have in the streetwear arena.

The A5 bag can be purchased at FarFetch, Nana-Nana, and HBX.

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