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Ji Won Choi Will Be Debuting a Second Collection with adidas VERY Soon

Ji Won Choi can say that 2019 has truly been a year for her. The Korean designer released a immensely popular collection with Adidas in February which was worn by countless celebrities and influencers. Choi’s designs even caught the attention of Beyoncé Knowles Carter who wore an Adidas x Choi bodysuit to announce her partnership with Adidas in April. Now, she is teaming up with Adidas for another collection that will surely be as stimulating as the last.

Ji Won Choi and Adidas Originals will be releasing their collaboration collection on Saturday, July 27th at flagship stores across the globe. The designs and concepts behind the Ji Won Choi brand are meant to reflect the designer’s Korean culture The collection will reflect the previous aesthetic through the use of playful lines and refreshing colors along with the incorporation of split hems, string ties, and flared detailing. Stay tuned for more later this week!

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