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What Is SZA’s CNTRL Fishing Company?

Last year, SZA linked us to a blank Instagram page by the name of “CTRL Fishing Company” which left many fans confused and still excited for whatever the singer was planning. On May 9, several posts were made explaining the meaning behind the company which showed us that the down-to-Earth artist was really down for the planet.

CTRL Fishing Company is named after the SZA’s highly praised 2017 album, CTRL. The brand is actually a clothing company based on the concept of sustainability in fashion. Early in May, the brand was introduced as a “sustainable think tank dedicated to making environmentalism engaging to all”. Through the use of reusing old t-shirts, SZA is making them into something new and cool rather than allowing them to biodegrade in a landfill. SZA has even further combated comments surrounding the “hypebeast nature” of her line of clothing line due to working with Champion. She stated that the brand uses Champion’s Eco Fleece which is “made out recycled plastic into polyester” and also dead stock.

Just this week, SZA performed on Saturday Night Live with DJ Khaled in a custom plunging tee from CTRL Fishing Co. By combining two popular trends of sustainability and SS19’s tie-dye frenzy with SZA’s name attached, fans cannot help be anticipate the drop of the line. The frequency of posts this month leads us to believe that the drop may be sooner rather than later.

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