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Four Spring/Summer 2019 Trends from Your Grandmother’s Closet

Crocheted tops? Straw bags? Do any of these things ring a bell? As a girl who gratefully grew up around both her grandmothers, these things do ring a bell for me. These are the things my grandmothers would wear and they are coming back as popular products for the 20 somethings! So, I rounded up four Spring/Summer 2019 products that you have probably spotted in your grandmother’s closet.

Eyewear Chains

We have all seen one or maybe many older women with a chain attached to their glasses. Well, now they are a trend for the Spring and Summer and you can rock them on your sunnies.

Polka Dots

Nothing screams vintage more than polka dots and it has definitely made a comeback for Spring Summer 2019. Slip dresses, tops, sets, and even shoes are featuring polka dots…the choices are endless for this trend.

Crafty and Embellished Handbags

I know from experience my grandmothers each carried at least one of these bags either as their everyday bag or for a night out. Now, you can too. Handbags have been spotted with embellishments like beads and pearls and made of crafty materials like straw and bamboo to give you that feel of grandma’s crafty touch.


While many typically associate the craft of crocheting with older people, many young designers are adopting the technique and placing their own edgy twist to it to appeal to Millennials and Gen Z’ers.

It is always exciting to see fashion come back in full swing and just adapted to the change of the times to meet today’s fashion trends! Will you be any of these trends this summer?

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