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Why So Phresh: SAI by Sai’s Hand Painted Satin Slip Dress

@khadijadania in the SAI by Sai Lime Slip Dress

Satin slip dresses are no longer a thing to be hidden under garments. They are being worn simply by themselves out in the open as chic articles of clothing. What better way to make your satin slip dress stand out even more than it being hand painted with cool designs…Well that’s what New York designer Sainabou “Sai” Lowe does.

@khadijadania in the SAI by Sai Blue Slip Dress

Sainabou Lowe operates the brand SAI by Sai which is a line of hand painted pieces which resembles that of urban street art. She sets her brand apart by not following the typical guidelines of fashion by making sure every piece has its own unique touch and incorporates the clashing of art and fashion. The brand’s mission specifically states, “we want all of our customers to look as if they belong in a museum, and feel that same level of confidence.”

Though all of her pieces are wardrobe must-haves, we decided to highlight her satin slip dress which caught the eye of the Pretty Phresh editor.

The SAI by Sai Slip Dress comes in lime, black, lavender, blue, and yellow which are perfect summer time hues. Each dress has a scoop back complete with adjustable straps and hand painted faces by Sai for a the price of $70. Keep it sexy and wear alone or pair with your favorite white tee or her $50 Button-Up Dress Shirt.

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