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Playa Society’s Latest Collection Gives a Special Shoutout to Black Women in Sports: Discover More About the Brand That Serves as a Voice for Female Athletes

Like many industries, it is no secret that sports is also a male dominated sphere. Female athletes often don’t get the same recognition as their male counterparts and topics like gender equality and social justice often go unsaid. Well, athlete-turned-entrepreneur Esther Wallace is steering the conversation and changing the narrative with her brand Playa Society which celebrates female athletes in all their glory.

While the brand’s most popular piece is their original Female Athlete t-shirt, we couldn’t get enough of the “Black Women Winning” collection. The collection serves as a hats-off celebration of Black women who have made strides and achievements in sports and society as a whole. Pieces from the collection include sweatpants, tees and a pin complete with the phrase “Black Women Winning is a Revolutionary Act” in a coral color. Each piece features allover graphics of women participating in various athletics like tennis, gymnastics and basketball. Founder Esther Wallace states, “Celebrating Black women has been my therapy.

The description for the collection reads, “The revolution is not in winning, rather in the momentum gained through winning. Black women winning inspires the black community to follow in her footsteps. Black women winning is a representation of possibilities for black youth. Throughout history, black women winning has always shifted the culture.

The Black Women Winning Collection features $60 Black Women Winning sweatpants, a $30 Black Women Winning tee in black, a $30 Black Women Winning “Kamala” Tee with illustrations of Kamala Harris in blue and a $12 pin that also features the uplifting phrase.

You can discover more dope pieces from Playa Society here and be sure to follow them on Instagram for updates!

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