Blogger Solely About NY Shares Nine Essential Sneakers You Need in Your Closet

Hyped sneakers are always the topic of conversation in the sneaker industry, but let’s be honest. If you don’t have a bot or know-name status, it is going to be hard to get your hands on. So, what about the regular sneakers? Why don’t we talk about those anymore? They are easier to cop and appear in colorways and classic styles that are just as good as the highly-demanded collaborations and drops.

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We’ve been receiving many questions about copping sneakers and how to get into wearing sneakers more. To help, we brought in avid sneaker blogger Shanyah behind the platform known as Solely About Ny. Hailing from Newport News, Virginia, Shanyah is all-around sneaker lover and member of the growing sneaker community of women. She has been collecting kicks since 2011 but has been rocking them since she was a little girl. She started Solely About Ny in April of 2020 during the midst of quarantine as a space to hone her passion for sneakers and fashion. Through Solely About Ny, Shanyah shares sneaker releases dates, personal takes on industry issues, and her own personal style and collection of kicks.

We got the opportunity to chat with Shanyah of Solely About Ny who curated the ultimate guide of nine reasonably-priced, essential sneakers you need in your closet:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

Price: $55

Adidas Stan Smith

Price: $80

*Tip from Shanyah: “These are always running on sale for half or less the price!

Old Skool Vans

Price: $60

Nike Daybreak

Price: $90

*Tip from Shanyah: These always running on sale too!

Nike Air Tailwind ’79

Price: $90

*Tip from Shanyah: “You can catch these on sale too!

Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage

Price: $100

Nike Air Max 90

Price: $120

Nike Air Max 97

Price: $170

New Balance 990’s

Price: $175

If this helps, you can thank Shanyah. For more sneaker content and tips, follow @solelyaboutnyyy on Instagram!

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  1. Love this blogger SolelyaboutNyyyy. Since following her on Instagram she has me now looking to get back to my sneaker game.. Thanks for featuring her she is so dope..

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