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Why Doesn’t Nike and Other Brands Partner More With Reworked Vintage Designers?

Reworked, or reconstructed, vintage has been an increasing popular trend in design this year. The concept involves taking used or old items that are considered vintage and ultimately creating a new piece out of it. Common end results include two to three piece sets, handbags, crop tops, and even shoes. These reworked designers and their work usually involves thrifted items from brands like Adidas, Nike, Carhartt, and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few. Sometimes their pieces even go viral making headlines and enhancing sales and overall business for them all the while helping the environment, of course. Even with such success in an innovative and conscious way, this poses the question: Why doesn’t Nike and other brands collaborate more with reworked designers?

We posed this question shortly after coming across a tweet from digital marketing strategist Daniela Candela which read: “The fact Nike hasn’t done more collabs with women doing custom Nike pieces feels like a BIG missed opportunity. If this designer can do it using only Nike socks, imagine what she could do with Nike’s resources.” In the tweet, Candela was referring to Victoria Cummings and her brand VIXX Studios when she mentioned the designer creating pieces from Nike socks. Becoming increasingly popular amongst the sporty chic fashion girlies, VIXX Studios is known for its two piece skirt sets, separates, and accessories created from Nike socks.

The list doesn’t stop with VIXX Studios. There are many other reworked brands and designers who reconstruct pieces from Nike like Keyana Leslie, Evanda Pitovao of One/One, Tryna B Studios, Vivian H, Tega Akinola, Brittany Ellis and Kenicia Cross of Sports & Sparkles, Unlasted and Kayla Sade of Almost on Time (in order they appear on the slide below).

This is not to say that Nike has never partnered with reworked designers as they have an ongoing partnership with Alexandra Hackett of Studio ALCH. We’re just asking why we don’t see more as the reworked trend has soared to new heights. Nike and other companies claim to always be working on their approach to sustainability whilst looking for new, innovative approaches to design. Well, what’s a better way than working with these reworked designers? These brands have resources like no other including old and unused items. By partnering with these designers, they would improve their efforts in being sustainable by reducing waste while also having new ethical products that’ll attract the conscious youth market who are always searching for what’s new and fresh. Additionally, the brand partnership would help these designers in business in terms of sales and attracting new clientele. Additionally, it would increase access to supplies allowing designers to tap into new aspects of reconstruction and design. It’s a win-win relationship.

Take notes, Nike. Daniela Candela is right: you’re missing a big opportunity here!

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