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Skater Briana King Is the Face of Melody Ehsani’s Holiday 2020 Collection: Their Biggest Collection Yet Honors Inspirational Figures and Weighs In on Gender Issues

From their “Rose” sweatsuits to the Bandana sets, Melody Ehsani has been pushing out many dope pieces lately and it’s only getting better. Just this week, Melody Ehsani announced that her Melody Ehsani Shop will be releasing their Holiday 2020 collection which serves as their biggest collection to date! The upcoming collection is headlined by skater, model and community organizer Briana King. Pieces from the collection highlight current gender issues like the gender pay gap and common stigmas placed on women in addition to paying homage to inspirational figures.

Based on what previewed on Instagram, we can expect a lot of apparel from the Holiday 2020 collection! The brand revealed its very first denim pieces which includes a shacket, trousers, and a cropped jacket. Other key pieces from the collection are the “No” sweater, the “Andre” velour rugby, the “Bessie” jumpsuit and the “Laleh” top.

The “No” sweater appears in white with the phrase printed all over in black font. The caption that accompanied the pictures read, “On average, women make 82 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts. Will we accept that? NO!” So, the sweater speaks for itself (literally).

The “Andre” velour rugby shines a spotlight on Andre 3000 who is deemed as one of the most influential people in music and fashion to date.

The “Bessie” jumpsuit appears in black and honors the pilot Bessie Coleman who was the first African American woman and Native American to hold a pilot’s license.

The “Laleh” top features a blue, white, and black racer-inspired design and recognizes Laleh Seddigh, an Iranian racer driver who was named as the first female race car driver to compete against men in sports in Iran since the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

Additionally, we also spied a green and “Tilandsia” purple set, a boxy high-neck ME. long-sleeve crop top, and a navy utility set. It also looks like we’ll be getting another Rose sweatsuit in Vintage Black (there is a Jacuzzi Blue colorway dropping this Friday).

The collection is set to drop on December 18th at 8AM PST (11AM EST) on

Photography by Clara Balzary

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