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These ‘Auntie’ Shirts by Something for the Aunties Are a Hit

Everyday on Instagram, we come across some of the dopest gear and brands by women! Recently, we stumbled across these shirts that takes Michael B. Jordan’s “hey auntie” line from Black Panther to a whole another level.

In Black culture and family life, we hear “auntie” everyday on social media and in person when referring to certain female family members or wise, inspirational older female figures in our lives. Something for the Aunties is literally just that: something for the aunties. Founded by Inglewood blogger Heather Marie, she created Something for the Aunties as a peek into her lifestyle as an “jiggy” auntie which she felt many other women could relate to. Ultimately, the lifestyle brand provides tomboy chic styles for those ultra cool, stylish aunties in the family.

The “Auntie” t-shirts and sweatshirts appear in white with the title “Auntie” on the chest in a green varsity font with a dark orange outline with the Something for the Aunties logo near the nape on the back. Serving as their bestsellers, these tops are quite the hit amongst Black women in the streetwear and sneaker community! Explore some looks from influencers below:

While the tops are currently sold out, a restock is said to be in the works. So if you are an auntie and you’re loving these shirts, follow @somethingfortheaunties on Instagram for updates on their restock!

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