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Clarity NYC’s ‘Sincerely, A Woman’ Tees Should Be Every Woman’s Next Buy

Our latest obsession comes in the form of an empowering t-shirt that encourages women to join forces and inspire each other to strive for successful futures. Created by 24-year old New York creative Crystal Figueroa, Clarity NYC recently launched with an emphasis on being for everyone but also focusing on the individuality of the wearer. Just yesterday, the brand released its first product offering: the “Sincerely, A Woman” t-shirts.

The “Sicenerly, A Woman” tees was conceptualized back in March of this year before COVID-19 rapidly spread throughout the world. Crystal created the tees originally for Women’s History Month in March, but the pandemic halted plans. Despite original timing for the release of the tees, this particular concept is one that will always be important and relevant.

With unity and her inspirations in mind, the “Sincerely, A Woman” tees features the phrase “There’s room for all us” signed sincerely by “a woman” along with Crystal Figueroa’s biggest inspirations including Rihanna, Tracee Ellis Ross, Serena Williams, and Frida Kahlo. She ends the list of inspirations with her own name, hoping that other women will get use to including their names with other successful women.

Crystal Figueroa stated in an Instagram post, “‘There’s room for all of us’ became a mantra I kept telling myself throughout the year as I scrolled through my feed comparing myself to other women and their success. The women listed in the back are some women that I find inspirational and striking. However, I listed ‘Me’ as the very last person which I thought could resonate with every woman. I wanted to normalize saying our names alongside these women, because we too are great recognized or not. So next time you find yourself looking up, look next to you and build. There’s room for all of us.”

The tees are currently available on in sand, stonewashed and purple for $35 with sizes ranging from small to double extra large. Also, follow for more drops in the future!

Credits: Photographed by @nirvanaonearth; Modeled by @afrvncois, @eye.sea.starr, @heyyymochaaa, @lynn.montana, @shalayna.m; and, creative direction by @crillacam

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