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6 Handbags That the Streetwear Community Is Raving About

What’s up with everyone and handbags right now? No seriously, I’m legit asking. Maybe it’s the increasingly popular City Girls’ “Birkin bag me” line that’s got everyone wanting a nice handbag by their side. Maybe we are going a little stir crazy in the crib and we’re using grocery store runs as an excuse to get dressed up with our favorite bags. Maybe it’s the urge of the Black community to “buy Black” handbags. Whatever the reason may be, I am here for these ultra-cool handbags we’ve been seeing and the women rocking them. The girls have been stepping out with some of dopest handbags, some of which are hard to get your hands on.

I’ve rounded up 6 handbags that have been spotted on some of my fave street stylers and I got deets on how you can get your hands on them!

Telfar Shopping Bags

Price range: $150 (small shopping bag) – $257 (large shopping bag)

How to get your hands on one: One way is to pick the bag you want on the site and sign-up for when it restocks. Another way would be to shop select colors of the bags now on LuisaViaRoma now for a couple of extra dollars (from a $165 small shopping bag to a $263 large shopping bag).

HMNALNS Origami Bags

Price range: $310 (Mini Origami 02) – $525 (Large Origami)

How to get your hands on one: While the Large Origami bag is sold out at the moment, the Mini Origami 02 is still available here!

Vainglory Pocket Boxes

Price range: $80 (mini) to $210 (Flower Bling Pocket Box)

How to get your hands on one: Shop them now here!

Cigaros Handbags

Price range: $50 to $150

How to get your hands on one: You can grab one now here! All bags from their “wired” collection are currently $40 until the end of today.

Kicks and Fros Sneaker Money Pouch

Price: $20

How to get your hands on one: Follow them for updates and wait patiently for the restock in August!

Yaito Paisely One Handle Knot Bag

Price: $138

How to get your hands on one: Turn on your post notifications for the brand and owners’ pages (@tulieyaito and @carltonyaito) because they do surprise restocks!

Now, I want a new bag.

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