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Common Ace Is the Latest Online Sneaker Marketplace for Women by Women

Though women have been involved in streetwear for years, we are now beginning to see a change as the “boys’ club” is beginning to welcome women onto the frontlines of the niche market. This is all a big thanks to women, of course, as they have securing exclusive shoe collaborations and shaking up Instagram with their ultra-cool sneaker collections. Ultimately, the girls have been making their own voices heard in an industry that has long ignored them despite the big contributions they have made.

Women are further creating spaces for themselves in this male-dominated industry and the next revolution seems to be within this “one-stop shop curated marketplace” dubbed as Common Ace. Launched on May 15th, Common Ace was founded by sneaker enthusiast Romy Samuel and designer Sophia Chang as an online sneaker marketplace “for her by her”. The e-commerce site provides women with the ease of finding the best sneakers matched with an above-standard user experience, advanced technologies, and research surrounding the dynamics of modern streetwear. Users are truly presented with a “one-stop shop” as they can click on their sneaker of choice and be directed to an associated retailer to purchase the sneaker.

Founders Romy Samuel (@romrommy) and Sophia Chang (@esymai)

Common Ace solves many problems presented to the female sneaker consumer including lack of access, variety, and inclusion all the while promoting a sense of community. Let’s just say Samuel and Chang created something that has very much needed. Women hold the highest buying power along with an increase in sneaker sales since 2018. In turn, brands have started shifting their focus on female-specific apparel and footwear. Common Ace provides brands with a better understanding the female consumer and provides the female consumer with easier access to the shoes they want minus the hours of searching through multiple tabs. More importantly, Common Ace is increasing awareness and allowing the voices and needs of the female sneaker consumer to be heard so we can continue to get more products and selections specific to us.

Got a pair of sneakers you’ve had your eye on? You can shop with Common Ace here today, they’re now live. Even if you aren’t shopping, you can tag them in your IG sneaker pics for a chance to be featured!

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