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Justine Skye Is Dropping Her Second H&M Collection Just in Time for Festival Season

Festival season is around the corner and that means festival clothing is going to start popping up more and more. Kicking off the rollout for festival collections, retailer H&M and singer Justine Skye joined forces again but this time for a festival-inspired collection of apparel and accessories.

With this festival collection, we wanted something that was new and fresh to the festival scene. Usually festival is very boho so we thought the pieces should represent something different. I’m a big advocate for being comfortable no matter what – that’s how I feel empowered through my look” is how Justine Skye describes her latest collaboration with H&M. At the face of the campaign, Justine sports her collection which consists of a mix of bright neon and shimmering metallic sportswear and streetwear pieces. From the electric colors and fabrics to the actual garments themselves, the collection speaks to the fun and excitement that a festival entails. The collection includes vibrant yet cozy pieces such as a pair of neon biker short, a metallic bucket hat, and even a t-shirt featuring Justine herself.

You can snag pieces from the collection of March 12th when it drops.

Shot by Tyler Mitchell (@tylersphotos) and styled by Ade Samuel (@adesamuel)

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