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Shema Love’s ‘Cozy Creative’ Hoodie Is a Must for Creative Visionaries

In a world full of art and fashion, creativity is something we will never get away from. It is going always be around us. The industry is brewing with some many creatives at the moment who are investing in their crafts and passions to change the world. As a visual artist and creative herself, Shema Love decided honor our melting pot of creative figures who possess a cozy lifestyle with her “Cozy Creative” hoodies. And, let’s just say…she can take our coins because we want every single color she has.

“Yea I’m in my bag, but I’m cozy too” graces the item description and it is truly a WORD. Essentially, this hoodie is for that person who invests themselves in their craft, but does so in style. The hoodie comes in five ultra-cozy colors: maroon, sandstone, blue, black, and green. Sizes range from small to double XL with pricing starting at $44. If you are looking for a more oversized look, sizing up is recommended.

We all know have that creative friend or maybe you are the creative friend, so tap in and add this piece to your (or your friend’s) closet. Spring is just around the corner and you’ll want to look fresh and cozy during those cool mornings. Shop the hoodie here.

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