StockX Curates an Exclusive All-Star Weekend Collaboration With Brands Like Melody Ehsani and Union LA for a Charitable Cause

Shot by @adamjasoncohen, styled by @panache.__

StockX announced a collaboration with Chicago’s Don C of RSVP Gallery and visual artist Brandon Breaux where they gathered a team of designers and artists to create three exclusive pieces for All-Star Weekend. The garments honor the city of Chicago of which the momentous basketball festivities will go down this coming weekend. The collaborators of each shirt include Union LA and Hebru Brand Studios; Melody Ehsani and Vic Mensa; and, Awake New York and Easy Otabor.

Union LA x Hebru Brand Studios – Son of Garvey Hoodie
Melody Ehsani x Vic Mensa – Chi Town Champs Crewneck
Melody Ehsani x Vic Mensa – Chi Town Champs Crewneck

Union LA and Hebru Brand Studios came together for the Son of Garvey Hoodie. Melody Ehsani and Vic Mensa joined forces for the Chi Town Champs Tee while Awake NY and Easy Otabor worked together on the 1988 Tee. Moreover, each piece is part of a bigger picture. See, StockX is allowing users to donate just $10 for a chance to win one of these exclusives. All proceeds from this initiative are going to the Common Ground Foundation which focuses on providing educational programs for Chicago’s students.

The giveaway ends on Sunday, February 16th and the company has already raised over $9,000. You can make donations and explore the inspiration and process behind each piece here on StockX.

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