Why So Phresh

Why So Phresh: Her Favorite LA's Airbrush Shirt Has Us Obsessed


Airbrushing tees is a design technique that goes way back in the history of streetwear. While the trend died down in hype for a bit, it witnessed a resurgence in the last decade in streetwear as many brands used the design method for their graphic tees.


Come on, don’t act like you didn’t want one when you were younger either especially a custom one. Well, one brand is giving the girls a taste of nostalgia with their very own airbrush sweatshirt and tee: Her Favorite LA. Run by Charamon Hunter, Her Favorite LA is a brand that provides women with cozy and sporty apparel and accessories.

As a part of their Her by Her exclusive series, they released the Her Airbrushed Sweatshirt and Tee in the first drop. The product is gracefully decorated with the word “Her” in an electrifying airbrush design. Wearers get the choice of selecting either a tee or sweatshirt in either a neon green/pink/purple or blue/pink/purple color way. In addition, they offer a customizable version where you can get a name or phrase airbrushed onto the tee to further add to your nostalgic feels towards airbrushed tees.

You can cop the the sweat shirt or tee below for $44 to $98 dollars depending on which product you like:

Her Airbrushed Sweatshirt, $44

Her Airbrushed Tee, $58

Her Airbrushed Sweatshirt (Custom), $98

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