Rick Owens Sneakers Are the Latest Obsession Amongst Women in Streetwear

Here at Pretty Phresh, we love to bring attention to items or trends in streetwear that the girls can’t seem to get enough of. The latest obsession seems to be with Rick Owens DRKSHDW sneakers. It seems like every few scrolls we were beginning to see more women sporting these sneakers. So, we decided to ask them what the hype was about with these sneakers.

Ciara M. (@cidotci) tells us:

“Honestly, I fell in love with the versatility and simplicity of the shoe. You can pair the shoes with anything: cargos, jeans, sweat pants and even dress it up with a skirt. It’s the perfect shoe to have in your closet. The all black body with the white/cream sole is sleek and classic but bold at the same time. Wearing this shoe will add a “high-end” touch to your outfit. It’s a timeless shoe that will never go out of style, which is why I HAD to buy a pair!”

We also chatted with Deavion (@no_feelings) and she explained why she loved the sneakers:

“What attracted me to buy the sneaker would have to be it’s originality. I purchased my pair in 2016 and at the time not a lot of brands were doing the oversized, bulky look. Rick Owens were the first in my opinion who really stepped outside the box. Additionally, the classic black and white sold me when it came down to what I was going to pair them with. Lastly, when I first saw the shoe it kinda gave me a wedge vibe and I was going through changes with my style so the wedge look on a sneaker automatically caught my eye. Even though I used to get teased that they resembled clown shoes, these sneakers have became my favorite shoe from running a quick errand to date night. They are essential.”

Take a look at how these other women are styling their Rick Owen sneakers:

In order they appear on the slide: @mariahthescientist, @hsenfleur, @looseunicorns, @arianavillan, @oneciciera, @banksnohilary, @racquellebella

The Rick Owens DRKSHDW sneakers comes with varying fabrics from leather, cotton canvas, coated canvas, and denim. You can also choose whether you want a high or low top sneaker. Additionally, the sneaker already has a platform, but the latest version has a double platform detailing for an extra bump.

You can find these sneakers on SSENSE, END, FarFetch, and Rick Owens online.

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