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Editor’s Phresh Picks: 2019’s Favorite Female Sneaker Heads to Follow

Sneaker culture was the biggest talk of the year and decade. More importantly, we witnessed the growing influence of women on streetwear and sneakers with the increasing number of influencers, collaborations, and female-focused approaches by big name brands. With that being said, it is only fitting that we shine a spotlight on some female sneaker heads that stood out to us in 2019.

I have narrowed the list down to twelve dope female sneaker heads. It was extremely hard to do just twelve women as we have come across so many fresh babes this year. Without further ado, let’s present Pretty Phresh’s twelve picks for our favorite female sneaker heads of the year (in no particular order):

@wuzg00d: Alani is a familiar face who regularly graces our feeds with her colorful hair and style. From her head to her toes, she always rocks the freshest gear.

@danie.sierra: This NYC native loves to heat up her IG feed with fire feets and fits. You can always catch her in the latest sneakers.

@sallyssneakers: Sally’s Instagram is a sneaker head’s dream. Full of every sneaker you can possibly think of, she loves to showcase her personal collection of sneakers which includes the latest drops.

@lizbcroft: A true force to be reckoned, Liz is a psychotherapist and fellow sneaker head. She dropped her own personal sneaker this year to advocate for mental health awareness and spreads her positivity through her inspirational posts and vibrant fits.

@sherlinanym: Based in the UK, Sherlina is best known for matching her fresh acrylic nail set to fresh pair of sneakers.

@anisa.dash: We came across Anisa this year while searching for daily content and we immediately thought, “this girl is fire.” She never misses when it comes to the feets and fits she rocks. She is definitely a street styler to watch.

@jennizerr: This minimalistic page features glimpses of the San Franisco-based sneaker head, her fits, and sneakers (of course). We love how the pops of color from the sneaker accents the neutral color palette of her home.

Shot by Angéline Moizard

@selmakacisebbagh: With a colorful feed to match her vibrant aesthetic, we get a peak into her fun lifestyle through her lively fits and even livelier sneaker collection.

@viewmore: Judging by her Instagram feed, it is no secret that she is a sneaker lover. She loves to freshen up her feed with an occasional neat, organized photo of her sneaker collection or street style pic.

@b.hov: With only 51 posts, this Phresh babe is all about her bio: more moves, less announcements. When she does post to Instagram, it is nothing shy of straight heat on her feet.

@girlonkicks: Dubbed as “Girl on Kicks”, Sanne lives up to her name by rocking the latest sneaker drops. Her feed consists of sneaker shots and peeks into her streetwear-oriented lifestyle.

@diln_: Dilan is a street styler and sneaker head who likes to mix her thrifted pieces with the newest kicks. You may see her with a vintage Dior bag along with the latest Air Jordan 1 sneaker.

Who is your favorite female sneaker head of 2019?

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