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Five Women’s Brands Devoted to Supplying Dope Reworked Clothing

The idea of reworking or up-cycling vintage clothing is a hot commodity in the fashion industry at the moment. Not only are brands recreating new pieces through unique design techniques, but they offering a helping hand in providing for a more sustainable future. Sustainability is one of the biggest topics in the fashion industry right now and it is needed now more than ever. The idea of reworking involves taking vintage or used items and recreating them into an entirely new products, changing the lifecycle of clothing and preventing them from ending up in landfills.

Pretty Phresh has gathered five brands that are killing it at reworking vintage or used garment:

Concolour Studio

Concolour Studio takes vintage garments from iconic sportswear brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas and reworks them into new pieces like cargo pants, two-piece sets, and even handbags.

What we’re loving right now: Nike Sock Cycle Shorts

Be Phamous

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Asia Pham created Be Phamous with the intention of making “every women feel confident and cozy”. Each item is thrifted and reworked by hand into new, contemporary two-piece sets.

What we’re loving right now: more to come in 2020! Stay tuned for the anniversary drop on January 13th.

Frankie Collective

Frankie Collective is the sister to the F is for Frank vintage sportswear brand. While Frank sells vintage clothing, Frankie is the little sister who likes to cut up her brother’s things to make new pieces. Frankie Collective has gained a huge social media following due to its reworked vintage garments that carry an ultramodern appeal through the use of brands like Supreme, Nike, and Tommy Hilfiger.

What we’re loving right now: Vintage Rework Handbag

Evanow Design

Operated by Cassandra Evanow, Evanow Design is committed to up-cycling used clothing in order to create new streetwear items. Committing the brand to the idea of ethical fashion through innovative design, Evanow enjoys experimenting with the idea of patchwork design which can be seen in many of her pieces. Evanow Design has also been worn by major celebrities like SZA, Teyana Taylor, and Bella Hadid.

What we’re loving right now: Demi-boned Jersey Bodice (not available)

Studio Alch

Studio Alch focus on the “deconstruction and reconstruction” of men’s and women’s clothing through the use of non-traditional clothing fabrics and varying design methods. The label was founded by Australian designer, Alexandra Hackett, and is currently based in London. Pieces from Studio Alch have been seen on Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar, and Jorja Smith.

What we’re loving right now: Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

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