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Myae Makes Bold, One-of-One Pieces You Need in Your Closet for Fall

Fall is here and it’s time to welcome in some new items into your Fall wardrobe! Of course, keep the essentials, but there’s always room to invite in new season trends or even something that’s unique and daring. That’s what Myae is known for: bold, one-of-a-kind pieces that will surely set your look off.

Mia Joseph is the designer behind the Myae brand and each item is handmade by her in the comforts of her bedroom. Mia creates these unconventional tops, dresses, and even two-pieces sets made of jersey adorned with a signature deconstructed lettuce-edge stitch detailing. Each colorful article of clothing sometimes features mesh, knit fabrics, or a combination of both in one garment.

Myae caters to varying body types through the use of super stretchy jersey and extension of its sizing to XL. The brand has even caught the attention of celebrities like Jordyn Woods and Stefflon Don who have been spotted in pieces recently.

Myae apparel ranges from £40 to £90 depending on the item, and is currently only sold via Depop at the moment. Drops on Depop are made every few days and they are announced through the brand’s Instagram page which is full of previews and snapshots of the illustrious clothing.

As stated before, each piece is one-of-one which makes it an extra special piece to have in your wardrobe. Sometimes, she may make the same item again but in a different variation, but everything is truly one-of-a-kind!

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