Saucie Garments Supplies The Girls With Dope Graphic Tees

One thing streetwear lovers appreciate most besides their sneakers is a good graphic tee. Some may love their graphic tees to be more on the simplistic side with a word or one picture, while some may be more into the graphic tees with lots of visuals like the rap tees.

As a woman, I always went to the guys section for my graphic tees because the women’s section did not have appealing tees to me. I wasn’t interested in the t-shirts that said “I love tacos” or “but first, coffee” nor did I want a tee that was extremely fitted. I preferred my tees to be more oversized with pictures of my favorite rappers or some cool sayings and menswear typically had that for me.

Now, we don’t have to go to the menswear sections anymore for our graphic tees as I have stumbled across a brand with graphic tees for women and operated by a mother, wife, and creative by the name of Yesenia Martinez. Yesenia is the dope designer behind the Saucie Garments brand which carries a saucy selection of graphic tees. From the Drew Barrymore Playboy to Missy Elliot graphic tee, the simplicity yet edginess to the tees make it hard to walk away with just one. Each tee runs for an amazing price of $38.00 and you even get your items customized with special detailing or any other unique ideas you may have.

As a full-time lover of graphic tees, I already placed my order for the Missy tee. Shop here now to secure yours.

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