Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number: Older Fashionistas With the Freshest Style

Where do you think you think your style habits come from? The runway? The streets, maybe? I know mine came from those around me like family and friends. Your parents, grandparents, or elder guardians probably dressed you which introduced you to basic concepts of styling. As time went on, you began dressing yourself with their styling concepts in mind but with trends and your own flare in mind. Our elder fashionistas honestly helped in birthing the drip we all possess today and I just wanted to highlight a few women who are older, wiser, and simple fresh stylers.

Model and Personal Coach Lashawnda Becoats, @runtowardyourlife
Youtuber and Style Influencer, @moonlin0106
Walking fashion icon and designer Iris Apfel, @iris.apfel
Influencer Baddie Winkle, @baddiewinkle
Beauty enthusiasts, Stylist, and Fashionista Linda Rodin, @lindaandwinks
Fashion Model JoAni Johnson, @joanijohnson6000
Artist and Model Stefanie Blandon, @jackyleenyc
Style Icon, Creative, Model, and Speaker, @iconaccidental
Fashion Model Grece Ghanem, @greceghanem
Designe and Creative Michele Lamy, @michelelamy_

Respect your elders’ drip and just know that: age ain’t nothing, but a number but style is forever.

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