Why So Phresh: Tryna B’s Reworked Nike Blazers Are the Future

Sustainability remains one of the biggest talks socially, politically, and fashionably. Sustainable fashion is a practice in which brands incorporate environmentally friendly methods in their design and production process to strive for a healthier planet. Many brands have started using more sustainable practices in brands while some operate on entirely sustainable means. One of the most common ways streetwear has been sustainable is through the trend of reworked vintage items, from turning oversized sweatshirts into two piece sets to even…blazer like with the brand Tryna B.

While many brands are trying to be environmentally friendly for the trend, Leslie Gomez is actually Tryna B organic. Leslie Gomez is the designer behind Tryna B which is an online store dedicated to creating handmade, reworked pieces from vintage clothing. Initially, designer Leslie Gomez sold vintage pieces online which then grew into recreating vintage pieces and selling those. Thus, Tryna B was born! Her goals with her growing brand are to “collaborate with other brands and create dope pieces that the women’s streetwear industry has never seen.”

Gomez definitely makes dope pieces for the gals as reflected in her best-seller: the Repurposed Nike Blazer. You think it’s a simple blazer until you turn it around to see the PVC cutout with the Nike logo and its iconic Swoosh on the back, supplying you with edge to a simple garment. The blazers typically run for $165 and come in a variety of colors. Each blazer is a one of kind and unfortunately, Tryna B is completely sold out of all their blazers at the moment. Don’t freak out, she regularly does restocks and she has other DOPE products like Nike PVC totes, Nike bralette, and repurposed halter tops.

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