10 Pretty Phresh Babes on Instagram: June Edition

Happy June! It is time to welcome in a new month with a new set of Phresh Babes on Instagram. We love to highlight the babes of Instagram who keep it fresh on Instagram in their streetwear’s best. Without further ado, let’s take a look at June’s Pretty Phresh Babes on Instagram:

Amelia, @_a.jean
Jordan, @iamjordanholmes
Jez, @jez.rivera
Asia, @abphamous
Kiara, @dazeofkay
Amanda, @amndadm
Nia, @niajoispencer
Eddy, @eddyelize

You thought we would forget? Of course, not. Happy Pride Month to all members of the LGBTQ community! Today, we shine a spotlight on Dani B. who is a proud LGBTQ member as she shares what Pride Month means to her.

“Pride Month is always a very busy and exciting month to be honest. This year, I will be DJing in Vienna for Europride and in New York for Pride as well. Even though there are a lot of events and parties happening, it’s always a mixture between celebrating and protesting for our rights. Because unfortunately, we still need to fight for our rights and we shouldn’t forget where CSD initially came from. Overall, it’s gonna be a great month and I am happy to be part of the movement.”

-Dani B. (@wideawakearthquake)

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