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10 Pretty Phresh Babes: Curvy Babes Edition

Women’s History Month may have ended, but here at Pretty Phresh we celebrate women and everything they do all year-round. With the beginning of a new month, you already know what that means…a new edition of Pretty Phresh Babes on Instagram! For April, we will shine a spotlight our curvy babes who give off rays of confidence and body positivity that can make any woman feel comfortable in the skin they are in. Without further ado, here are April’s 10 Pretty Phresh Curvy babes on Instagram:

Ari, @ms.bines
Lizzo, @lizzobeeating
Sashagai aka Sasha, @flawsofcouture
Nao, @na0__
Adriana, @adrianasahar
La’Shaunae, @luhshawnay
Onequa aka Oneek, @auqeno
Brianna, @_the_b_word_
Parris, @parrisgoebel

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