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Why So Phresh: Business Meets Fashion With Muse by Pablo Briefcase

Brand: Muse by Pablo

Product: Desperado Briefcase

Price: $105.00

Description: Business but make it fashion. This leather briefcase takes business to a stylish level as it includes a 3-digit combination lock for protection of your belongings adorned with a velvet interior and a sequined Virgin Mary design on the front. The bag also comes baring the brand name “Muse” in crystal embellishments and you also add your name on the back in crystalized beading as well.

Why it’s so phresh: Well, let’s start with the fact that this accessory is FLY beyond measures. This statement piece will turn heads and truly set your fit off at any given place and time. Also, the Muse brand pieces are all handmade and this includes women’s streetwear selections. Women’s streetwear is a growing sector, but not as huge and present as men’s and we want to continue to support all women’s streetwear efforts. Name a better way to show that we as women mean business in the fashion industry than with this stunningly chic briefcase.


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