Why So Phresh: 39VII Speaks for the Ladies With Its ProWoman Tee

Introducing a new weekly edition to Pretty Phresh, Why So Phresh will be featuring the freshest products from lesser known brands to mainstream brands that you absolutely need in your wardrobe! Picked by the editor, this new weekly edition will be posted every Friday on up here on Instagram.

To kick off this new recurring edition, let me hip you to this product I came across this week:

Brand: 39VII (Thirty Nine Seven)

Product: Pro-Woman Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Price: $40

Description: Perfect for Women’s History Month, this long sleeve tee comes in black with text on the back highlighting the things society expects of women but women are not subject to do like shave, wear make-up, wear pink, etc. It also includes the words “pro-woman” on the front of the garment.

How to wear it: This top comes in the neutral color black so it can be worn multiple ways with multiple articles of clothing. If you are looking for a more chill look, pair the top with some grey or black sweatpants or biker shorts with your favorite pair of high top kicks. Looking for something a little more bolder, pair the top with a pair of leather pants or distressed jeans and red booties. A bucket hat would be a nice accessory piece to add too!

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