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Andrea Bergart Is Taking Basketballs Turning Them Into Game-Changing Wardrobe Must-Haves

A basketball but make it fashion…that’s exactly what artist, Andrea Bergart does. Originally from Boston where she received her BFA, she received a scholarship to study textile design and beading in Ghana and was a studio manager to Chris Martin where she gained experience in handbag design. She now resides in Ridgewood, Queens in New York and when she’s not in the studio…she is out shooting 3’s with her girl-gang team, the Downtown Girls basketball team. Heavily influenced by the women around her and her love for basketball, she created a streetwear accessory that is changing the game: a basketball bag.

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Andrea Bergart has loved art and sports for as long as she can remember. Being around the Downtown Girls basketball team, she became inspired by the women she played with. She admired the different styles and swagger each girl would bring to the court and utilized those styles in her work at her art studio. These women also opened doors for her as one of the team members connected her to the a factory she could use to create her popular bags.

With her passion for her team and sports, Bergart showed her commitment by often carrying around a basketball through the city. Participating in a male-dominated sport, she expressed how carrying the ball made her feel empowered and confident as a woman. She wanted to bring that feeling to life and she wanted other women who were intrigued by sports and streetwear to be able to feel the same. So, she began deconstructing a few basketballs and other sports balls to test them out. Then, voilà! The basketball bag was born.

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After success with the basketball, she ventured into soccer balls, volleyballs, and footballs of which she has turned into regular handbags, clutches, and crossbody bags. She has caught the attention of social media influencers such as Alani Figueroa (@wuzg00d) and WNBA all-stars like Sheryl Swoopes. The balls are usually youth size for comfort and ease and come fully lined with black cotton canvas, adorned by leather hardware and silver and gold finishes. Prices range from $260 to $960.

OG Clutch, $280
Football Bag, $960
Soccer Ball Bag, $960
OG Basketball, $960

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